Congressman Nunn’s Campaign Releases Statement in Response to Attack Ad

Des Moines, IA – Today, Congressman Zach Nunn’s Campaign Manager released a statement in response to an attack ad that began airing today.

“The ad released today is false and sad. While Iowans are enjoying the State Fair, out-of-state political operatives are desperately trying to find any candidate to take on Congressman Nunn, who in just a few short months, has established a bipartisan record of accomplishments fighting for Iowans,” said Congressman Nunn’s Campaign Manager Kendyl Parker.

“Already, building on his service in the military, he’s passed legislation to restore our energy independence and strengthen national security.  As someone who grew up helping on an Iowa Century Farm, Zach immediately got to work holding the Biden Administration accountable for years of high gas prices and fighting for renewable fuels that save Iowans money and allow our farmers to feed and fuel the world.

He’s done all this and more with over 90% bipartisan support.  

Out-of-state political operatives attempting to lie about his record should take note that Iowans know bullsh*t when they smell it.”