FACT CHECK: Axne’s Desperate Ad Filled With Lies and Deception 

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FACT CHECK: Axne’s Desperate Ad Filled With Lies and Deception 

DES MOINES – In response to Cindy Axne’s desperate attack ad, the Nunn for Congress campaign released the following statement:  
“Dishonest. Deceitful. Dishonorable. Cindy Axne’s verifiable lie exploits the loss of a child for her own re-election prospects. The ad reflects Axne’s character more than anything. Iowans see-through Axne’s false, DC-style smear job and are disappointed.” – Nunn for Congress Campaign Manager Bryan Kraber


Axne’s attack ad is a shameless lie that exploits the death of a family suffering the loss of a child to make up for Axne’s own bad polling. It further highlights Axne’s 2020 promise not to accept PAC dollars, only to break her pledge to Iowans by accepting tens of thousands of PAC dollars in 2022. 

Iowa Democrat Party Chair Ross Wilburn and Iowa Democrat House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst voted for this bipartisan bill, so Axne attacks them on the same baseless claim:  

The tragedy at Adventureland occurred after Nunn led the bi-partisan legislation to IMPROVE workforce safety, ensuring juveniles could not operate advanced rides.  

Importantly, NO juveniles (ensured by Nunn’s bill) were involved in operating the “Raging River.”

Nunn and bi-partisan legislators passed the law to improve workforce opportunities across Iowa delivering Iowa as one of the lowest unemployment states in the country.


More about Zach Nunn: 
Zach Nunn is a veteran, state senator, father, husband, and Iowan. As a combat veteran, Zach served our country as an airborne intelligence officer in the United States Air Force. After 9/11, he deployed three times to the Middle East and flew over 700 combat hours.
Following his military service, Zach was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives and later the Iowa Senate. Nunn has ousted Democratic incumbents twice, including in 2018, when his campaign flipped a decades-long Democrat-held seat by 12%, in Polk County (IA-03). He also overperformed Governor Reynolds by 3%, overperformed David Young by 4%, and has a proven ability to win the Polk County suburbs. Zach was recently named to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Young Guns program, which determines the top U.S. House recruits nationally.
Zach and his family are sixth-generation Iowans – a family of teachers, nurses, and farmers built on a century of hard work on the land. Zach has chosen to continue living in Iowa and is a father to four school-aged children and a husband to Kelly.