House candidate says Biden economy a wreck

Creston News: House candidate says Biden economy a wreck

Zach Nunn is running for the third Congressional seat for Iowa. He said Friday the main reason why voters should consider him are the numbers they have seen in their bank accounts and at stores.

“Are you better off than you were two years ago,” he said, referring to the election that put Democrats Joe Biden in the White House and Cindy Axne in the third Congressional seat. Nunn is running against Axne on the Nov. 8 ballot.

“Look at the Iowa farm, family and small business owner. It is the same pressure everyone in the nation is facing. Doesn’t matter what party you are in. The price of food in the store, retirement plans, first-time home buyers and the highest inflation in my lifetime; these things that matter to people, don’t have to be a Republican or Democrat to feel that way.”

During his campaign of the 21 counties in the district, he is hearing similar stories either on the outskirts of metro-Des Moines or in Adams County, the smallest populate county in the state.

“It cuts across all swaths of life. Things I hear in Bondurant it’s how inflation is hurting the family.”

He said he met a teacher in Bondurant who told him filling the car with gas and buying a pizza at a Casey’s was the “most expensive date.”

The farmers he has talked to, like the ones in Adams County, “It’s a 300 % increase on farm implements seed and fertilizers. They don’t get to dictate price. And the price is passed on to the rest of us.”

Hospital employees have told Nunn they received a 5% pay raise, but paying for 8% inflation “is still a loss.” Small-business owners have told him they have had great revenue, but taking home less.

“Inflation is a tax on working people,” he said.

Nunn said another person told him he feels like he is living on 11 months of pay, but working 12 months.

Politics is not new to Nunn. A state Senator representing Polk County he has been in the Iowa Senate since 2019. He started in the House in 2015. Prior to his Senate work, Nunn was elected House Majority Whip, and Chair of the Judiciary Committee, justice reform, prison work programs and fought against human trafficking across Iowa.

He graduated from Southeast Polk, and Drake University. He holds degrees in international security from Cambridge University, cybersecurity from Air Command & Staff College, and Strategy and Technology Innovation from Air War College.

Nunn said he has been endorsed by Iowa Farm Bureau.

“Bio-diesel, ethanol, drives our economy and feeds and fuels the future of the state. I want to see this taken to the next level. I have frustration with this administrations’ energy policy. It is important to have bio-diesel and ethanol. We need to make these things important.”

Nunn questioned Biden’s interest in growth in the electric-vehicle industry. Nunn said the federal government offer a $7,500 tax credit for such a purchase.

“It goes to people who can already buy a six-digit car,” he said about common incomes for people who buy electric. “We are not helping people to buy the truck to get to the construction site and haul corn and beans from the field.”

Nunn also questioned Biden’s recent plan to have the government waive $10,000 for those who have college-loan debt.

“He vastly overstepped. It’s Congress’ responsibility and Congress failed to act,” Nunn said.

He explained how the cost of four-year degree is far above inflation which “makes it difficult for anyone to go on to college. What college degree meant means less than 10 years ago. Maybe a four-year degree is not what one needs. The institutions themselves are incentivized to charge more. Handing out $20,000 checks is not going to help.”