ICYMI: Updated IA-03 Race Ratings Show Bad News for Cindy Axne

Contact: Bryan Kraber,

New race ratings show Axne as one of the most vulnerable Democrats this cycle.

Des Moines, IA State senator Zach Nunn, a candidate for Iowa’s 3rd congressional district and U.S. Air Force combat veteran, is putting Democrat incumbent Cindy Axne on notice, as seen in updated race ratings.

Roll Call’s latest race rankings reveal that Democrat incumbent Cindy Axne is the second-most vulnerable Democrat this cycle. This updated race rating confirms that the road to the House majority runs right through IA-03 and we need someone strong enough to take on the Democrats that rush in to try to save her. 

“I’m glad that race ratings are taking into account what I hear around the district every day. Iowans are tired of out-of-control prices at the pump and the grocery store. Farmers are struggling from inflation. Our neighborhoods are seeing increasing crime. Iowans have had enough,” said Zach Nunn. “Cindy Axne rubber stamps President Biden’s agenda that has done nothing but make things worse for Iowa families. We need new leadership in DC that will put IA-03 first. In Congress, I will never stop fighting for IA families.”

“…state Sen. Zach Nunn is national Republicans’ preferred candidate to face Axne in November.” – National Journal

Nunn has been endorsed by leaders in U.S. Congress, nationwide veteran coalitions, state legislative leaders and top grassroots activists. He also secured a spot on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s coveted “Young Guns” radar program, meeting the laudable fundraising and campaign requirements that identify the top U.S. House recruits for 2022. 

With Cindy Axne in such a vulnerable state this cycle, Democrats are going to swoop in with money and influence to try to hold the seat. We need a fighter who is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with them. Who better than a combat veteran? Zach Nunn is the only candidate in this race with the grassroots and financial support to take the fight to Cindy Axne and the Democrats in November. 


More about Zach Nunn: 
Zach Nunn is a veteran, state senator, father, husband, and Iowan. As a combat veteran, Zach served our country as an airborne intelligence officer in the United States Air Force. After 9/11, he deployed three times to the Middle East and flew over 700 combat hours.
Following his military service, Zach was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives and later the Iowa Senate. Nunn has ousted Democratic incumbents twice, including in 2018, when his campaign flipped a decades-long Democrat-held seat by 12%, in Polk County (IA-03). He also overperformed Governor Reynolds by 3%, overperformed David Young by 4%, and has a proven ability to win the Polk County suburbs. Zach was recently named to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Young Guns program, which determines the top U.S. House recruits nationally.
Zach and his family are sixth-generation Iowans – a family of teachers, nurses, and farmers built on a century of hard work on the land. Zach has chosen to continue living in Iowa and is a father to four school-aged children and a husband to Kelly.