LETTER: Nunn will better represent Iowa in D.C.

Ottumwa Courier: LETTER: Nunn will better represent Iowa in D.C.

Dear Editor,

Are you or our country better off than two years ago?

We need to replace our big spending, inflation-causing, crime-supporting member of Congress who always votes with Biden and Pelosi for higher costs, crime, and open borders!

Vote Zach Nunn for Congress! Zach is a sixth-generation Iowan, the grandson of a family century farm, and father of six children. He will represent Iowa in Washington as he has in the Iowa House and Senate. Cutting taxes, spending, and protecting our Constitutional rights!

He will stand up for Iowa instead of the D.C. establishment. As a small business owner and combat aviator with two deployments with the U.S. Air Force, Zach has the experience to fight over regulation of farmers and business owners. He has the common sense to make our nation safer. Currently serving Iowa in our Air National Guard, let’s help Zach stop the crime and rising cost waves hurting our nation. Vote Zach Nunn; He gets it done!

Phil Cavanaugh, Ottumwa