Nunn releases new ad ‘Five Grand’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 14 September 2022
CONTACT: Lydia Hall,

Des Moines, IA – State senator, combat veteran and congressional candidate Zach Nunn is releasing a new ad today entitled ‘Five Grand’. The ad highlights the record high gas prices and rising inflation that America has seen since Joe Biden took office, costing families $5,000 on average.
While Biden continues to spend trillions of federal dollars on tax-and-spend programs, raise taxes and cost families extra for everyday goods, Rep. Cindy Axne votes alongside Biden 100% of the time.
“Iowans are struggling under Biden and Axne’s inflation – we’re paying more than $5,000 extra for everyday goods. With higher taxes and shrinking wages, that hurts families like mine with 6 kids,” said Zach Nunn. “The bottom line is Axne is a far-left politician who has put us in this mess. She can’t run on her record in Iowa, so instead she spends millions in tv ads to lie about me. She cannot run from her 100% partisan voting record, and we intend to tell Iowans the truth about her votes to raise taxes and inflation that hurts Iowans.”

“Study sessions. Football. Dance rehearsals. Sleepovers.
With 6 kids, we do a lot of driving. I know what skyrocketing gas prices and inflation mean to your family, costing you over $5,000 a year.
Cindy Axne votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time, and now families like yours and mine are paying the price.
 In Congress, I’ll fight out of control spending and get our economy working for working people. I’m Zach Nunn, and I approve this message.”