Nunn’s Campaign Welcomes Lanon Back To Iowa From DC

DES MOINES –The campaign of U.S. Representative Zach Nunn (IA-03) today released the following statement from campaign manager, Kendyl Parker, welcoming Lanon Baccam to the race for Iowa’s Third Congressional District.

“We welcome Lanon back to Iowa from DC. While he may want to be anointed the nominee by his powerful friends in DC, I suspect Iowans will have other ideas, and he’ll first have to survive a growing primary including other Democrats — Melissa Vine and Tracy Limon,” said Kendyl Parker, Campaign Manager for Rep. Nunn. “If he survives the primary, voters will have a clear choice between Zach – a thoughtful, independent and pragmatic representative for Iowans – and Lanon, a career Democrat political operative for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton who will no doubt be a rubber stamp on their radical agenda he helped write.”

Nunn is a combat veteran currently serving as Congressman for Iowa’s Third District on the House Financial Services and Agriculture Committees. Nunn recently started his fourth 21-county tour of our community and has helped nearly 1,000 Iowans cut through red tape navigating issues involving the federal government.