Tax Cuts & Childcare Priority for 2022 Legislative Session

by State Senator Zach Nunn | Jan 14, 2022 | Iowa Field Report

A new year is upon us, and with that comes the 2022 legislative session. We are proud of our citizens who have shown extreme resiliency in facing down the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. You should be proud too. Where many other states in the nation have faltered, Iowa has worked tirelessly to prosper.

Iowa is successful, not by chance, but by the result of hard work from the majority of Iowans. Iowa has been ranked the number one state for opportunity and ranked the number one state poised to recover from the pandemic. Iowa leads the nation in school graduations and in feeding the world from our farmers’ fields. Governor Reynolds said it best in her Condition of the State address: “Have faith in Iowans and Iowans will deliver.”

The year 2022 is full of opportunity with the Republican “trifecta’s” plan to deliver legislation benefiting our citizens for generations to come. Continuing tax cuts, investing in our communities, and reducing federal overreach to ensure the protection of our Constitutional rights.

Cutting Taxes: When there are more than $2 billion in surplus funds for the state, taxes are clearly too high. This is Iowans’ money, not the State of Iowa’s to spend.

  • Eliminate Income Tax for Retirees: It is my priority to cut all incomes taxes for retirees on their retirement funds. Iowa stands to gain more from keeping our retirees in State, rather than watching them flee after their career.
  • Income Tax Cuts for All Iowans: A flat-tax rate grows our economy with lower taxes for all – working Iowans who deserve more of their money back now. Iowans will make a better investment in their community than the government ever could.
  • Invest in Mental Health/Lower Property Taxes: The Legislature made fully funding mental health a priority – and we delivered. We will continue this investment of State dollars into mental health, while eliminating the property tax levy burden for home and landowners.

Investing in Communities: Our communities are what make Iowa unique. For our State to continue its economic growth we must put money back where it will benefit our citizens the most.

  • Childcare: The childcare crisis has impacted our families and our State. Iowans cannot get back to work because they have no one to watch their children. The lack of childcare providers and facilities have created an estimated annual loss of nearly $1 billion in tax revenue.  However, Iowa Republicans have committed $480 million of state and federal funds to aid childcare facilities in keeping their doors open as well as to make up for money lost due to the pandemic – providing 9,000 new openings for families needing childcare across Iowa.
  • Workforce: Getting Iowans employed again is a top-priority. Limiting unemployment benefits to 16 weeks, creating incentives and additional training for workers that are re-entering the workforce, and no longer allowing the unemployed to turn-down suitable jobs are the catalysts needed to fill jobs in communities throughout the State.
  • Infrastructure: Reliable communication and access to the internet is something every Iowan should be able access. $300 million is being invested to improving broadband access to communities and small business across Iowa.

Federal Overreach: as seen during the pandemic, federal agencies have been attempting to create rules and mandates that directly affect the daily lives of Iowans. My goal is to protect our citizens from arbitrary regulation. It is necessary to curb federal agency regulations that hurt Iowa’s employees, employers, and most of all erode our Constitutional guarantees.

I am proud Iowa was a leader in pushing back against Federal mandates which would have closed businesses, forced employees to divulge private medical records, and fined local governments who did not or could not meet the arbitrary standards.

I am honored to serve alongside you all and very much look forward to a productive legislative session.