Zach Nunn: I’m pro-life, and I support protecting the life of the mother, and the baby


This November, the future of our country will be determined by Iowa voters. Iowa’s new 3rd District could determine who controls Congress, and what priorities will become policy. 

Congress’ reckless spending is driving massive price hikes and other economic woes. Our congresswoman, Cindy Axne, cannot defend her votes to waste trillions of dollars on pork-filled bills that caused an inflation crisis, so she is cynically hoping that divisive social issues will be her ticket to re-election.

The Supreme Court recently reversed Roe v. Wade, allowing the American people to decide the issue of abortion through their elected officials instead of unelected judges. This means Iowans again have the right to decide future policies related to abortion.

As with other political discussions that are happening today, the issue of abortion is rarely given constructive, respectful discussions between opposing sides. This is why, as a candidate running to serve our community, I share the frustrations of many I’ve spoken to on both sides of the issue who seek a compassionate and pragmatic discussion around life. 

Let me be clear: I am pro-life and believe life begins at conception. I also believe we must be compassionate toward both women and unborn children.  

Axne has falsely stated I would let a woman die to bear a child. This is untrue, with a vote history to prove it. Axne has also taken out of context comments from a primary debate, cutting out the important conversation that was had on protecting both the health of the mother and baby. This issue is too important: Iowans deserve to have their voices heard. 

As an elected representative of my community, I led legislation to protect the mother and baby’s life before, during, and after pregnancy.  

I wholeheartedly support the sanctity of life and believe that life begins with conception, but I also understand that there are real-world scenarios that aren’t black-and-white. There are medical emergencies that happen, like ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages, that are beyond our control. That is why the heartbeat bill I supported in the Legislature contained specific exceptions for horrific circumstances like rape, incest and fetal abnormalities, and to save the life of the mother.

Good people can disagree on this fraught issue. I have fought for both pregnant women and their unborn children. Cindy Axne has fought against the safety of unborn children.

Axne supports taxpayer funding for brutal late-term abortions when babies can feel pain. And Axne supports allowing abortion up until the moment before birth

These views are extreme — and, unsurprisingly, underreported. 

When you go to vote this fall, I implore you to look at our actual records. While I have fought for a compassionate approach toward both unborn babies and their mothers, Axne has fought for radical policies that would allow babies to be aborted as late as nine months into a pregnancy.  

Iowa voters have a big decision this fall, and after taking both of our records on this issue into account, I hope they recognize Axne’s radical stance has no place in our state.