NUNN: Loan repayment costs America’s workers

Link: Do you believe America’s workers should pay debts, largely for graduate school loans? Unfortunately, the Biden administration did. Without Congressional action, Democrats unilaterally canceled $20,000 in student loans held by the Department of Education for individuals making $125,000 and for couples making up to $250,000. It is, in short: bad policy. First, there’s […]

Opinion: Semiconductor shortage, and China’s expansion, threaten US security and economy

Link: Iowa farmers’ can see their new farm equipment idle in Vermeer’s crowded parking lot, but they can’t take it to field. Small businesses’ electronics inventories are indefinitely postponed. And families are on long waitlist for a new family vehicle. The supply chain failure: no chips for advanced electronics. The pain does not stop […]

Zach Nunn: I’m pro-life, and I support protecting the life of the mother, and the baby

Link: This November, the future of our country will be determined by Iowa voters. Iowa’s new 3rd District could determine who controls Congress, and what priorities will become policy.  Congress’ reckless spending is driving massive price hikes and other economic woes. Our congresswoman, Cindy Axne, cannot defend her votes to waste trillions of dollars on pork-filled […]

Nunn releases new ad ‘Five Grand’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 14 September 2022CONTACT: Lydia Hall, [email protected] Des Moines, IA – State senator, combat veteran and congressional candidate Zach Nunn is releasing a new ad today entitled ‘Five Grand’. The ad highlights the record high gas prices and rising inflation that America has seen since Joe Biden took office, costing families $5,000 on average. While Biden continues to spend trillions of federal dollars on tax-and-spend programs, raise […]

Nunn for Congress Releases New TV Ad “Uniform”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 23 August 2022CONTACT: Lydia Hall, [email protected] Des Moines, IA – Today, Nunn for Congress released a new TV ad titled “Uniform.” The ad is the first from Team Nunn to be aired during the general election. The ad focuses on state senator and Lt. Col Zach Nunn, highlighting his service in the U.S. Air Force, deployments to the Middle East and decorations for saving U.S. lives. Nunn will take his record and […]

Zach Nunn For Congress Releases First Campaign Ad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09 May 2022 Des Moines, IA – State senator Zach Nunn, candidate for Iowa’s 3rd congressional district and U.S. Air Force combat veteran, launches first ad buy of the campaign highlighting Nunn’s military service and efforts to evacuate American citizens left behind in Afghanistan.  “I’m proud to have served my nation in uniform, and I’m […]


Des Moines, IA – With rising crime, fentanyl, and human trafficking across our country, State Senator Zach Nunn will be holding a press conference with U.S. Senator Joni Ernst and local law enforcement in Dallas County. Nunn and Ernst recently visited the Southern border (separately) and will be discussing what they learned from U.S. Customs and […]

Decision Desk HQ Models IA-03 Election, Projects Zach Nunn Winner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 26 July 2022 CONTACT: Lydia Hall, [email protected] Decision Desk HQ Models IA-03 Election, Projects Zach Nunn Winner Simulated 14 million times, Zach Nunn is projected winner with 54% Des Moines, IA – Zach Nunn’s campaign for Congress issued the following statement after new race ratings were released for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. Decision Desk HQ, the leading provider […]

Nunn for Congress Announces County Chairs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 28 June 2022CONTACT: Lydia Hall, [email protected] Nunn for Congress Announces County ChairsIowans from all 21 counties in IA-03 will serve as grassroots leaders for Team Nunn DES MOINES – State senator Zach Nunn, the Republican nominee for Iowa’s 3rd congressional district and U.S. Air Force combat veteran, announced today the campaign’s list of county chairs. Team Nunn successfully […]

FACT CHECK: Axne’s Desperate Ad Filled With Lies and Deception 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 14 June 2022CONTACT: Lydia Hall, [email protected] FACT CHECK: Axne’s Desperate Ad Filled With Lies and Deception  DES MOINES – In response to Cindy Axne’s desperate attack ad, the Nunn for Congress campaign released the following statement:   “Dishonest. Deceitful. Dishonorable. Cindy Axne’s verifiable lie exploits the loss of a child for her own re-election prospects. The ad […]